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Frequently Asked Questions:

About Welcome Mat Family Yoga

Who is Welcome Mat Family Yoga?
We are a welcoming personal and private group yoga studio in Bloomington Illinois that welcomes our students at any age and stage of life. Welcome Mat Family Yoga LLC is owned and operated by Mallory White. We offer private studio and in-home Yoga Sessions in Bloomington, IL at convenient location at 1920 E. Oakland Avenue Bloomington, IL. This building is St. Matthew's Episcopal Church. Our studio here provides a welcome and relaxing atmosphere for Yoga.
We will also travel to you anywhere in the Bloomington/Normal area by appointment. Contact us to schedule an appointment.
What style of Yoga classes to you teach?
Welcome Mat Family yoga instructors have certifications in Pranakriya Yoga, and Yoga for Cancer.
Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes, pay online or in person at the studio.
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About Our Yoga Sessions

What is involved in a private yoga session ?
This depends on where you are on your own life and yoga journey. Yoga is meant to meet you where you are at.
We offer private 1-on-1, semi-private (up to 3 people), and small group private yoga sessions (up to 6 people). The sessions are held at the studio or your home.
Each session runs 60-75 minutes in length. Each session will include pranayama (breath work), asana (yoga postures), functional movement, energy healing, and stress-relief techinques.
Each session is geared to who the session is for and what the student is looking for from a personal yoga practice.
Why should I invest in a private yoga session?
Private yoga sessions are a great way to be introduced to yoga. If you haven't ever done yoga and wish to explore the practice.
Private yoga sessions are designed around each students individual needs. It allows the instructor more one on one time with each student and to address specific physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. If you have practiced yoga for many years, a private yoga session is a great opportunity to take your own practice to the next level.
A private yoga session is also an opportunity to prepare for your own home practice outside of the studio.
What if I miss a session that I have paid for?
Nothing. Your sessions do not expire. If you cannot make your currently scheduled session you can reschedule that session with us at your convenience and our convenience.
When does my class pass expire?
Our class passes DO NOT EXPIRE. Use your classes at your convenience. We understand that life happens!
What do I wear to a yoga class?
Comfortable clothing. The important thing is that you are comfortable to move and stretch.
Do I have to bring my own mat?
No, we have extra mats. We do recommend if you will be practicing yoga often to invest in your own mat to have.
Do I have to chant OHM?
No. It is up to the discretion of the teacher whether or not to chant OHM. When the chant is used it is used as an invitation. You don’t have to chant OHM if you don’t wish to.
Is it required you close your eyes in a yoga class?
No, the eyes are asked to be closed to allow for you to be able to turn more into your own body and yoga experience. In every yoga session you need to do what is most comfortable for you. If this is your eyes open than that is fine. Keeping the eyes closed also allows for students to be less distracted and to compare themselves to others less.
What should I expect in my yoga session?
This will depend on the session. But expect a safe, nurturing, personal, and creative learning environment for you to experience yoga.
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About Yoga

What is Yoga?
Yoga began ~ 5,000 years ago in India. Yoga is a system of breathing exercise, movements, and relaxation techniques that stretch, and strengthen your entire body, mind, and spirit. This system allows your body, mind, and spirit to work together in harmony.
Is Yoga a religion?
No, this is the number one myth associated with yoga. Yoga originated in India but has nothing to do with any religion. Practicing yoga does not mean you are adopting any certain faith. People of all faiths practice yoga.
What is Pranakriya Yoga?
Panakriya Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga that focuses on developing and enriching our connection with prana (energy) to create change in our awareness, understanding, and physical body to help us move toward wholeness.
Don't you have to be in shape to do Yoga?
No, this is the beauty of yoga. Yoga is a very individualized practice and meets you were you are right now in your life. Yoga is your own practice in your own body. Your yoga teacher is only a guide for you on your own yoga journey. Be aware of your own limitations or “Edge” and listen to your body so you don’t push past that edge. We do recommend you have a physician’s clearance before you practice yoga or any other physical activity. Yoga can be adapted to where you may be physically. Some yoga postures are contraindicative for certain medical conditions, therefore, be sure your yoga teacher is aware of any physical limitations you may have that may affect your practice.
Why should I do yoga?
Because it is good for you of course! The benefits of a regular yoga practice include but are not limited to: better breathing, cleansing of the body and mind, undoing stress, muscular and cardiovascular health, mind-body unity, state of union and connection to a whole, fun.
Is yoga a competitive sport?
No, Yoga is very individual. Everyone’s bodies are built differently and each pose will be different for each person.
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